Artist Statement

There is something beautiful about the movement and complexity of tones between black and white in a photograph that can evoke in the viewer an emotive sensation, particularly when juxtaposed with color and other materials.

For many years, I have deconstructed and reassembled photographic prints with a variety of materials and processes, resulting in the development of new imagery. I am passionate about the subjects that I work with.

The images I work with come from a range of sources, from people I am intimately familiar with to unknown subjects found in photo albums, and photographs of noted artists and writers. All are chosen based on connecting on a personal level with the image and because of something deeply personal about the subject.  

I often focus on women as subjects, individuals, and groups of women, particularly older women.

Recognizing the passage of time is present in the work, and is important to me.  

I am compelled to explore some subjects and images repeatedly and over a period of years. I am fascinated by discovering different personas. The resulting images portray a surprising range of themes including strength, fragility, beauty, demise, and love.

I work with materials and processes that have history and relevance to everyday life, particularly those associated with women’s work, such as weaving and sewing, colored threads, remnants from salvaged clothing and fabric, and buttons and beads.

With this combination of imagery, material, traditional craft and contemporary studio practices, I create contemplative stories that endure from the past to the present.