Artist Statement

In my woven mixed media works, the subjects that I choose to work with are often women – and I am interested in telling their stories.  In order to get started, there has to be moment of recognition or identification with a subject.  Then it becomes a matter of responding emotionally to the charged black and white passages of the photograph.   Places of absence can become positive white shapes to create visual movement and direction.  While weaving, some of the threads pass over the top of photographic strips and others pass beneath them to form a matrix of intersecting lines that create a sense of flux and overall pattern. The reweaving of the photograph both abstracts and restores attributes of the original photograph.  They are also about time and are obsessive about wanting to bring forward something from behind.  Like photographs from a vintage album, the subjects can be viewed as voyagers in a sightseeing boat on an unknown waterway.  While some of the images that I have used are personal, others are not.   Introducing found or photos from the public domain has opened up a new freedom in how to look at the familiar with the same critical eye.  And as always, I am captivated by the mystery of the interior life of the subjects, and that is timeless.